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Howdy folks.

Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep away from writing for long. I’m an expert in Web design, network security, open source, VoIP, and 19th century British Romanticism, particularly William Blake. But, I don’t talk about the 19th century stuff much anymore. Only under duress, and to keep people guessing what I do at parties. I do mostly Web and IT stuff these days. And Scuba. And kayaking. More about that later.

I work at a company called VCampus. It’s a technology and education company. I design training programs about Web design, VoIP, and security. When I’m actually working, I try desperately to teach people to use industry standards and best practices in the IT profession. Sometimes he succeeds. Sometimes, though, my audience uses Microsoft products anyway. Badum-cha.

I use Linux and open source wherever I can (and sometimes when I can’t). Lately, I’ve been impressed with Apple Computer’s groundbreaking advances in adopting the Intel processor and a two-button mouse for its computers. Way to go, guys! And isn’t it funny how a company can reinvigorate itself by abandoning its perfect operating system for a version of UNIX, then basically put all that on the back burner and start selling 21st-century Walkmen? Man, I wish I’d thought of that.

When I’m not working, I like to do things with water. I love to Scuba dive in the Puget Sound when health permits, and I love to go kayaking there, too. I love how you can have fun on the surface or at depth with water. It’s kind of like that in the IT profession too, isn’t it? I guess that’s why I’ve titled this blog (what an ugly word!) “Technology currents,” and why I call myself “undertow.”

So, for this blog, I’m going to try and draw you in – or even down – into the undercurrents of technology. I hope you have fun with it.

Oh, and let me try and establish some sort of credibility. I’ve worked in the IT profession for over 10 years. I started with my doctorate in unemployment, uhh, English. But I’ve always had an oar in the water in technology. Since I began designing Web, IT and convergence and education programs full time, I’ve published titles in over seven languages ranging from Linux system administration to firewall design and William Blake’s representation of the body. Well that last one was only written in English. Sort of. After a fashion. The poor publishers I’ve talked into working with me include O’Reilly, Symantec, IBM, Syngress, Wiley, and ComputerPREP. Surprisingly enough, they’re all still in business.
So, welcome to my blog. Back when I was a kid, I guess folks would have called this a journal. Or a diary. But then again, when I was a kid, Jon Postel was still creating the earliest RFCs, and Tim Berners-Lee was still trying to get a Motorola 6800 into a box. Me? I was always going down to the river to go swimming, diving, and boating down the Rogue River in southern Oregon. When I wasn’t doing that, I was trying to figure out why I disliked school so much, trying to figure out how to make learning easier – especially learning about technical stuff. I think I’ve found some ways to do that over the years. Keep posted for more thoughts about that.

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